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A good education is a foundation for a better future. - Elizabeth Warren

Welcome to our Tuition Assistance Program, an offering that exemplifies our commitment to providing a Waldorf-inspired education to all members of our vibrant community. At Mālamalama Waldorf School, we cherish the values of inclusivity, diversity, and equal opportunities, recognizing that financial circumstances should not hinder a child's journey of self-discovery and growth.
As a private school, we understand that the financial aspects of tuition can present challenges for some families, and it is our profound belief that every child deserves the transformative power of a Waldorf education.
Our Tuition Assistance Program endeavors to create a haven of support, ensuring that the beauty and depth of Waldorf education can be experienced by a diverse range of students. We recognize that the operational costs of our school extend beyond tuition fees, and through the generosity of our community, combined with diligent budgeting, we are able to allocate resources toward providing financial aid.
Within the sacred realms of our Tuition Assistance Program, we uphold the principles of fairness and equanimity. Each application is carefully considered, mindful of individual circumstances, family size, and financial resources. We invite eligible families to embark on this collaborative journey with us, allowing us to weave a tapestry of assistance that reflects our commitment to nurturing and supporting each child's unique journey.
It is important to note that the availability of our Tuition Assistance Program is contingent upon the resources we are able to secure each academic year. 

We now welcome Tuition Adjustment Applications for the school year 2024-25! 

We have officially exceeded our Tuition Adjustment cap for the school year 2023-24.
The process is not guaranteed and needs to be reviewed on an individual basis moving forward.

The process for Childcare Connections or Preschool Open Doors

Preschool aged children: before you apply

f your child has not reached public school kindergarten age, your family may be eligible for tuition reimbursement. If your application was denied, please bring us a letter of denial and you may apply for Tuition Assistance at the school.

1. Please check with the program to make sure your child and your family qualify;
2. Fill out their application and start preparing the paperwork;
3. Apply at Mālamalama Waldorf School to begin the process;
4. Attend an interview at Mālamalama Waldorf School and wait for the link to enroll;
5. After your enrollment is finalized, including completed paperwork, a $400 Enrollment Fee, and a $400 Kinderhale Deposit paid, we will sign provider form;
6. Bring the provider form to CCC or POD.

Please note!

Even when you receive reimbursement, you are still responsible for the payments. Sometimes it takes time for CCC and POD to start sending the reimbursement to us. We may have to charge you the tuition for the first month. Once we receive the funds from CCC or POD, we will reimburse your payments.

If you were denied by CCC and POD programs

You may apply for our regular Tuition Assistance Program but please bring us a letter confirming that your request for Childcare Connections/POD was denied.

Scholarships and Tuition Assistance can not be combined


Students K-Grade 8

School Families

The application deadline is April 1st (for the online portion) and April 15th (for paper forms). You may still apply after the deadline but the award amount will be adjusted.

New Families

Please apply as early as possible. There is no deadline, however, the program may run out of funds.

The Process

Read the information

Apply online

Fill out the paper application

HPP Schoilarship

Malamalama Waldorf School has a lease with Hawaiian Paradise Park that includes a provision for tuition scholarships for homeowners in HPP. This scholarship is for one year only. Please apply early to get a chance to receive HPP Scholarship. You may apply for both HPP Scholarship and Tuition Assistance at the same time. 

Pay the Fee

A fee of $75 per family is due with the paperwork. The fee is different from the Application for Admissions Fee. The Tuition Application Fee is non-refundable but it will be applied to the Enrollment Fee for families who enroll. The fee is waived for families who are already enrolled for the year they're applying for Tuition Assistance.

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